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We Are An Early Learning Program

We are a Saskatoon childcare facility, positioned as an early learning center for your children. We are committed to providing a nurturing environment where children can thrive and discover their best selves, cultivating a home-like atmosphere, emphasizing freedom, love, trust, and authenticity.

Education & Childcare for your Kiddos

A Fun Learning Environment

Play and Learn

We provide a childcare learning environment that not only gives your child a fun space to play, but they also will get the opportunity to learn and grow as an individual.

Healthy Meals

Nutritious lunch box prepared at LoveZone, Saskatoon. Our licensed daycare prioritizes balanced meals for your child's growth

Nutrition is an extremely significant part of our program. We provide balanced, nutritious and age appropriate meals for every age group; morning, afternoon snacks and hot and cold lunch.

Experienced Team

A leader, dedicated teacher, reading with two children at LoveZone, in a nurturing and loving environment

Our team is certified in childcare and have a wealth of experience in providing a nurturing, fun, safe, learning environment for all children.

A group of kids enjoying the outdoors and playing outside together
A group of children at Love Zone Learning Center, happy to be learning and playing together

About Our Learning Program.

Unique Learning

We are a haven for young minds, committed to providing a unique and enriching approach to early childhood learning. Our center embraces a love for learning through innovative and individualized activities, personalized attention, play-based learning, and a committed team. At LoveZone, we are committed to shaping young minds with a tailored and exceptional approach to early learning.

Self Development

Learning Made Fun

Nurturing Environment

Personal Confidence

Education and childcare for your kiddos.

Our Programs

Mixberrys, symbolizing our youngest group of children at Love Zone
Raspberries, symbolizing our group of 4 year olds to six year olds at Love Zone Daycare Saskatoon
Cute Girl, happy and playing at daycare
Blueberries, symbolizing our junior pre-k group of children at LoveZone Saskatoon Childcare center

Mixberry - Toddlers to 2.5 years

Blueberry - Junior Pre-K

Raspberry - 4 to 6 years

Our youngest group, with fourteen children and two committed educators, explores daily adventures in a nurturing environment. Guided by a specialized routine and schedule, we celebrate each child's uniqueness, laying the groundwork for a future filled with academic success and joyful learning

Our middle-aged group, comprising ten children and one committed educator, engages in a vibrant learning journey. Tailored daily routines and individualized attention ensure that each child experiences meaningful growth and discovery.

Our soon-to-be school-ready group, with ten students and one committed educator, prepares for the exciting transition to full-time learning. We focus on individualized attention and skill-building, ensuring a confident and seamless step into the next chapter of their journey.


Parents Recommend

Haylie K.

“From an early age, we could tell how much they were learning and growing each day they went to daycare. It is a wonderful feeling to know our children are in good hands, learning and having fun when we can’t be with them. ”

Jillian U.

“My daughter went there for 5 years and we had a great experience with the owner Melodie and the aunties. I always felt the the workers were engaged with and sincerely cared for my daughter. It was a big part of our lives and I am so glad LoveZone helped shape my daughter into the loving and caring little girl she is today

Trucie N.

“My son has been at this daycare for almost 3 years. He loves to go to his daycare every day, he even doesn’t want to go home”

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